Snoop Dogg shared a video to his Instagram of a husband in a foreign country engaged in a little entanglement.

The video starts with the wife coming home angry as if someone has dropped the dime on her husband’s infidelity.

As she comes through the front door of the house, her husband smoothly assists his little person side chick over the second floor balcony into the hands of some guys on the street.

Once on the ground, the little side chick hides in a box.

The wife comes out of the house speaking in her native tongue, and she appears to be asking the bystanders if anyone has seen the side chick.

As the wife walks closer to the box, the side chick makes a split second decision to run out of the box.

The wife sees the side chick and starts chasing her down the street.

Watch the video below:

It’s hard to decipher if the video is staged or real, but it is hilarious.

Scoop some comments below:

Shouts out to Snoop Dogg for the share.

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