Kerry Hilson proudly shared a video to her Instagram account of her much improved diving skills to show the world her progress from her 2020 diving mishap.

In the video, Kerry dismounts from a zip line into a body of water.

She’s able to partially put her hands in the diving position before entering the water, but she is not able to straighten her legs.

She is overjoyed with excitement as she pops up from under the water and scores her dive a perfect 10, which she reevaluates in the caption and explains why she was not able to fully extend her arms.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t a “Perfect ????” but before you submit your scores, I implore you to scroll back to last year’s mishap & consider the improvement. ???????? My motivation: “Don’t flop.” But when everyone pulled their cameras out just incase (hoping) it happened again, I knew I had to make it good. I went with the split-second decision on a back-flip, not calculating that the short distance to the water would impede upon a full turn and straight-armed, aqua-dynamic entry, hence the ungraceful landing. In closing, I think the toe point, the element of unplanned surprise, & overall enthusiasm keep this above a 6. What say you? ????

See the original IG post below:

Kerry is right, considering her 2020 diving mishap, she deserves a 10. In 2020 it look like someone threw her in the water.

Watch the video below:

We are proud of you Kerry Hilson, and we look forward to your 2022 progress video.

Your thoughts?