Slim Thug has Coronavirus.

The legendary Houston rapper took to social media on Tuesday to reveal his diagnosis.

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In a video posted on his official Instagram page, Slim said a slight fever and a cough prompted him to go get tested.

The scary part is he said contracted the virus despite wearing a mask and gloves to protect himself.

As careful as I have been…self-quarantining, staying home, I might have did get something to eat or something – I did some simple stuff like that.

Nothing crazy…I stayed in my truck.

I had a mask…gloves…everything on and my test came back positive.

Watch the clip below:

Apparently, some people questioned whether or not Slim Thug was telling the truth about his COVID-19 diagnosis.

So, he shared a video of him being tested for the naysayers.

Sending up prayers for Slim and all who have been affected by the Coronavirus.