Simone Biles stopped by GMA, after attending the Met Gala last night, to chop it up with Robin Roberts about her Met Gala experience, her mental health and her “G.O.A.T.” tour.

She admitted to Roberts that she only slept for an hour and a half coming off the Met Gala night, and she had a great time at the event in her 88 pound dress.

Concerning her mental health, Simone says she is doing okay now that she is back home, and she really appreciated the support from other athletes that she received when she made her decision to pull out of some of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic events.

She encourages everyone to put themselves first and take their mental health serious.

The G.O.A.T. (Gold Over America Tour) is a tour that Simone has been working on for a few years, and it is a tour that will have some of the top tier gymnast and dancers in the world performing a pop, hit concert, gymnastic show, with a lot of LED lights, and a lot of great music.

The tour will come to 35 cities in the U.S., and it runs from September 21 to November 6.

Simone reconnected with a young fan name Nyla, during the interview, that she tweeted a picture of when she was much younger.

Nyla is adorable, and she asked Simone a great question.

Simone Biles is an awesome role model, and she blessed Nyla with a special gift.

Watch the video below:

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