Simon Guobadia (Photo: Instagram)

On Friday, Simon Guobadia took to Instagram and apologized for tainting his family name amid his divorce drama with Porsha Williams.

Simon Guobadia Apologizes To His Family

Simon noted that his life is “not a storyline” and added, “My life is a story of perseverance.”

Read his full statement below.

The Guobadia Family has always been a prideful family.

Probably one of the largest families in Nigeria. Our name is literally tied to one single family.

Meaning, most people with the last name “Guobadia” are related.

So, when one of their family member is reduced to a “Storyline”, thousands of family members are also affected by the narrative created and meant to destroy.

I want to publicly acknowledge and apologize to my family; the GUOBADIAs for the pain my poor judgment may have caused and brought upon our family name.

I’m so sorry. I beg for your forgiveness.🙏🏾

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Simon Is Launching A New Podcast?

In addition to his apology to his family, Simon Guoabadia also teased a new podcast

I was recently approached to do a podcast; a platform that would help segment my messaging – building off decades of living and accumulating knowledge; that now needs to be shared across multiple platforms.

There are 46 million people in America that look like me, and another 1.3 billion people in Africa.

Both do not always share the same sensibilities as we’ve come to find out.

It is time to share and appreciate my life journey in multiple spaces.

Someone commented on Simon’s post writing, “Just don’t bring up Porsha 🙄

See the original post below.

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