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Jennifer Lopez (Courtesy of Amazon MGM)

Hold the press! Jennifer Lopez has just dropped a bombshell that’s left fans reeling and hearts aching.

On Friday, May 31, Live Nation announced that J.Lo’s highly anticipated “This Is Me… Live” summer tour is officially canceled.

And why? Because Jennifer is putting family first.

In a heartfelt message to her fans on her OnTheJLo website, Jennifer explained the tough decision.

“I am completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down. Please know that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that it was absolutely necessary,” wrote Jennifer Lopez, who turned 54 this year.

She added, “I promise I will make it up to you and we will all be together again. I love you all so much. Until next time…”


The tour, originally set to run from June to August, was supposed to support her latest studio album, This Is Me…Now, which flopped…ahem…dropped in February.

Fans who snagged tickets through Ticketmaster will automatically get refunds.

If you went the third-party resale route, you’ll need to hit up the point of purchase for more deets.

But it’s not all gloom and doom in the world of J.Lo.

The multitalented star is also celebrating the release of her Netflix film Atlas, which hit the streaming service on May 24 and has already soared to No. 1 in 55 countries.

This announcement, however, comes amidst whispers of marital strife between Jennifer Lopez and her hubby, Ben Affleck.

While the couple was spotted together last Thursday, sources have told PEOPLE that they’ve been living separately in Los Angeles.

J.Lo has been juggling tour preparations and promoting Atlas, while Affleck has been busy filming The Accountant 2.

Remember, these two rekindled their early 2000s romance in 2021 and tied the knot in 2022, giving us all hope that true love does conquer all.

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (Credit: On The JLo)

Earlier this month, J.Lo struck a pose in front of a Netflix billboard in Los Angeles, warning folks not to mess with her.

In an Instagram clip, she was seen riding in a car, brimming with excitement.

“So a bunch of people were messaging me yesterday telling me about this billboard that Netflix put up for Atlas,” she said in the reel. “So I want to go see it for myself.”

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Lopez reflected on the contrasts between herself and her Atlas character.

“We are so different because she’s like… doesn’t wear any of her emotions,” she said. “She’s so closed off and I am too much emotion sometimes.”

“But at the same time we are both very strong and sure of what they feel,” Jennifer Lopez continued. “At times. She was very sure. She was like, ‘This is what’s happening, please listen to me. Please tell me.’ And felt very misunderstood at times. I can also relate to that a bit.”

So, while we might be missing out on seeing J.Lo live this summer, we can take comfort in knowing she’s prioritizing what matters most.

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Source: People

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