Shirley Strawberry apologizes to Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey

Shirley Strawberry publicly apologized to Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie Harvey, over the airwaves for remarks she made during a jailhouse call with her estranged husband, Ernesto Williams.

If you’ve ever received a phone call from someone in jail – you already know that it’s on a recorded line. 

Shirley knew that as well, but what she did not expect was that the phone call of her sharing her thoughts on her boss’ wife would be leaked online. 

During the phone call, Shirley Strawberry casually talked to Ernesto about a recent visit to the Harvey residence. 

First, she detailed all of the lavish amenities Marjorie has. 

Marjorie has her own spa… her own workout room. And she could go in there and get massages every day. People come to her house and work her out and all of that. I was like ‘Oh God, what a dream.’

Ernesto asked if Marjorie looked like she was getting old and Shirley responded, “I haven’t seen her.

She went on to note that if Marjorie Harvey had been home they wouldn’t have been all over her house because Steve is “scared” of her. 

You know he’s scared,” Shirley added.

Shirley also told Ernesto why she really doesn’t go over to Steve Harvey’s home very often – even though he loves to have company.

He always invites us over there – we don’t ever go. Cause I don’t know if she’s there and you know… she looks at us as the help. It is what it is. 

But, that’s not all…during the phone calls, Shirley said that Steve was “winded” after going up the stairs of his home

Listen to a portion of the call below. 

Shirley Strawberry Apologizes To Steve Harvey & Marjorie Harvey

On Monday morning (September 11), Shirley became her own Strawberry Letter when she had to publicly apologize to her boss and dear friend for the things she said about him and his wife.

Although what she said wasn’t terrible…it’s still not a good feeling to hear a “friend” talk about you in that way and you know Steve doesn’t play about Marjorie.

Shirley noted that her estranged husband has been incarcerated since July of 2022 and that the phone calls that were leaked were from last year. 

Right here and now, I want to apologize to you and Marjorie for what I said. As much as I wish I could I can’t take it back. I can’t. I said it. And now I want to apologize. It definitely wasn’t me trying to add to what you and Marjorie already have going on in your lives right now (with the cheating rumors about their marriage).  

She went on to say:

It was just me running my mouth in a private conversation – or what I thought was a private conversation and again I apologize. I feel terrible. I make no excuses. I said what I said and there’s no denying it. There’s no taking it back. 

Shirley Strawberry’s Husband Ernesto Williams Jailed On Fraud 

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Fox 5 Atlanta reports, Earnest “Ernesto” Williams was arrested for his role in a million-dollar fraud scheme.

Other sources say Ernesto is allegedly facing child pornography charges as well. 

During her apology, Shirley said she had no idea what her man was doing and she was simply trying to stick beside him. 

When the phone calls happened, I was trying to stand by my man, supportive wife, you know? I’ve been married to this man for 8 years. I had no idea all of this was going on with him. I had no idea and the charges that he’s facing are horrific – they are really bad. I for sure did not want your name mentioned in any kind of way or associated with my mess. 

The Steve Harvey Morning Show released the following statement via social media to clear the air regarding a few things – including reports that Steve Harvey introduced Shirley to Ernesto.

🍓 Shirley apologizes to Uncle Steve and Mrs.Harvey. She shares that Uncle Steve did not introduce Ernesto to her, a former friend did. She is in the process of getting a divorce from her estranged husband whom she has not spoken to in quite some time.

While she knew the phone calls were recorded, she didn’t know they would ever be released to the world. #SHMS #TheStrawberryLetter

Watch her apology below. 

Do you think this situation will have a negative impact on Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey’s friendship?

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