Sherri Shepherd Checks Comedian Deon Cole For Cursing Too Much On Her Show

Sherri Shepherd recently had comedian Deon Cole on her daytime talk show, and she checked him for cursing too much.

Sherri and Deon are good friends, and they came up in the industry as comedians together.

Deon was clearly super comfortable on the show so he was letting the profanities fly as if he forgot he was on daytime television.

During the interview, Sherri asked Deon if he’s recognized all over the world for his Old Spice commercials, and his response began with a curse word.

As Sherri continued the interview, she said it’s so funny in acting when she sees they are looking for a Sherri Shepherd type, and she asked Deon to talk about his experience when he went on an audition and they were looking for a Deon Cole type.

Deon told the funny story quickly and he added a few curses which prompted Sherri to check him.

Deon Cole, if you curse one more time I’m gon…

You, you!… This show gon be called the Old Spice show now because imma be right with you doing Old Spice commercials.

This coming out of my check. Every time you curse, I got to pay for your curse words.

I just got this god**** job!… What is with you?

Watch the clip of the Deon Cole interview from the “Sherri” show below:

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