Sha’Carri Richardson Wins With Ease In Her 100m World Championship Debut

Sha’Carri Richardson posted the fastest time of the 100m heat at the track and field’s 2023 World Athletics Championship on Sunday (August 20).

The event took place in Budapest, Hungary, and Sha’Carri ran the 100m heat in under 11 seconds, clocking a time of 10.92.

She was one of three runners to finish the heat in under 11 seconds.

Jamaican sprinter Natasha Morrison led the majority of the race, but Sha’Carri turned on the jets near the end of the race and swagged her victory out by wiping her brow as she crossed the finish line.

Despite a false start and an extremely hot day on the track, Sha’Carri maintained her composure and won the race, which qualifies her for the 100m final.

It is great to see Sha’Carri Richardson focused and back in rare form.

In her post-race interview, she spoke about dealing with the race being delayed due to a false start, conserving energy for the semis and finals, and how she’s no longer worried about the world anymore because it’s time for her to do it for herself.

Honestly, it comes with being an athlete, resetting, preparing, and knowing that these moments can happen, but always being prepared for these moments.

Like my coach told me, these are uncoachable moments so always being in my mind no matter what happens, focus on my lane and what’s going on.

Um, definitely this first round, more so just execution, focusing in having that energy, and performance tomorrow for semis and finals, and just putting it all together taking it round-by-round, event-by-event.

I’m not worried about the world anymore. I’ve seen the world be my friend, I’ve seen the world turn on me, but at the end of the day, I’ve always been with me.

God has always been with me. So, being on this scale now, it’s my time. It’s always been my time, but now it’s my time to actually do it for myself.

And the people that felt like me, the people that look like me, and the people that know the truth about themselves as well, I represent those people.

Watch Sha’Carri’s 100m World Championships debut in Budapest, and her post-race interview below:

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