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Sexyy Red found herself in hot water this weekend after being arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

What started as a minor offense quickly revealed itself to be part of a much larger brawl, and video footage shows that the rapper was right in the thick of it.

The Incident

Early Saturday morning, Sexyy Red and her entourage were involved in a fight with another group at one of the airport terminals.

TMZ obtained surveillance footage that captures the chaotic scene.

The video shows several individuals entering the frame, immediately falling to the ground, and exchanging blows.

Sexyy Red, identifiable by her distinctive red bonnet, soon joins the fray.

Although she didn’t directly engage in the melee, Sexyy Red can be seen wielding a stand from the ground, brandishing it as if ready to use it as a weapon.

Fortunately, she didn’t make contact with anyone, as another individual quickly intervened and pulled her away from the chaos.

Airport personnel and security are also visible in the footage, scrambling to control the situation.

There’s a lot of movement, with people going in and out of a nearby door.

The commotion eventually attracted the attention of the police, who arrived and arrested several individuals, including Sexyy Red.

Sexyy Red Arrested And Charged

The Port Authority confirmed to TMZ that Sexyy Red was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Others involved in the brawl were booked on assault charges.

The exact cause of the fight remains unclear, but it was severe enough to send a few victims to the hospital with minor injuries.

Sexyy Red didn’t shy away from the incident.

She took to social media shortly after her release, posting, “Just got out,” and even offering to replace the phone of one of the individuals involved in the altercation.


Social Media Response

Sexyy Red’s fans and followers had mixed reactions to the news.

Some praised her for handling the situation with grace afterward, while others expressed concern over her involvement in such a public altercation.

Regardless, the incident has certainly put her in the spotlight once again, this time for reasons beyond her music.

In a candid moment on her Instagram story, she said, “It was wild, y’all, but I’m good. Just had to get outta there quick.”

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Source: TMZ

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