Scarface’s extremely humble son, Chris Jordan, opened up about donating his kidney save his dad’s life on the “Geto Boys Reloaded” podcast.

Geto Boys member and co-host of the pod, Willie D, described Chris’ heroic act as a “beautiful dichotomy” because on one hand, there is a son who extended the life of his father, and on the other, there is a son who extended the life of a hip hop icon.

Chris simply responded:

But I don’t know the hip hop icon.

I just know my dad. Everybody is like man you saved a legend, you saved an icon, but to you guys that’s who I saved.

But, for me I just saved my dad.

That was deep.

At one point during the discussion Scarface told Chris that he is going to change his nickname from “Chump” to “Hero,” and then he jokingly retracted.

Before he retracted Chris said, “Nah, I’m just Chris.”

The father son bond and love between their interactions in the studio is beautiful to see.

Chris expressed that he is forming an organization to bring education and awareness to organ donation.

His father then asked him what would happen if the one remaining kidney he has failed, and Chris replied that because he is an organ donor and gave the gift of life, within 90 days, if need be, he would get a transplant.

Watch the video below:

Scarface created an incredible human when he created Chris Jordan.

We pray that Scarface and Chris remain in good health.

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