Tameka Foster Raymond recently recounted her son Kyle’s tragic death on the “Geto Boys Reloaded” podcast.

Tameka said that Usher was out on the lake with some of his friends and Kyle in a Pontoon boat, and to her surprise Kyle and a girl were in an inner tube that the boat was pulling through the water.

She was surprised Kyle volunteered to get in the inner tube because he was not athletic, he was more of the artistic creative type.

She said a guy on a Jet Ski basically beelined into the tube and landed on the children.

The little girl survived, but Kyle suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Tameka said Kyle was in the hospital for two weeks and she had to make peace with how things were going to go.

I was very angry, mad at God.

Watch the video below:

Kyle Glover was Usher’s stepson, and he was 11-years-old when he passed on July 8, 2012.

RIP Kyle.