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Saweetie is trending in the streets of Twitter as social media users debate her WAPFax Report. 

The “ICY” rapper found herself at the center of Chris Brown’s scathing diss track aimed at her ex-boyfriend, Quavo.

In “Weakest Link,” Breezy claims he slept with Saweetie while she was still dating Quavo. 

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Twitter’s timeline is wild’n right now!

On one side, there are women cheering for Saweetie’s sexual freedom.

But then, there’s a whole other conversation brewing about colorism because Megan Thee Stallion is getting slammed with derogatory names after multiple men in the industry bragged about sleeping with her.

Get into the tweets below.

Saweetie is currently romantically linked to rapper YG…and fighting sleep paralysis demons.

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She has not addressed the online chatter about her alleged WAPtivity.

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