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Saweetie says it’s crucial that she sleeps playing gospel music or she will get “attacked” by sleep paralysis demons.

Saweetie Opens Up About Her Sleep Demons

The 30-year-old “Best Friend” rapper, whose real name is Diamonté Harper, shared her nocturnal necessity during a convo with Big Boy

Saweetie shared she has always had some type of connection to entities on the other side.

I don’t know how I was set up to be this involved with the spiritual world. 

The apartment I grew up in had a lot of paranormal activity.

When I go to sleep at night…if I’m not sleeping next to somebody I have to play gospel music…to this day…or I’ll get attacked.

Like that sleep paralysis…I get that every time if I don’t play gospel music when I sleep.

Saweetie explained her slumber showdowns with spirits only occur when she’s sleeping alone.

Big Boy asked Saweetie to clarify what she means by “attacked.”

She responded, “In my dreams…you know when you can’t wake up? And you feel like somebody is sitting on top of you?

Saweetie added that once she started meditating the attacks became more frequent. 

It’s like the stronger I became spiritually the more I started getting attacked.

Watch the clip below. 

What Is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis (or sleep paralysis demons) occurs when you temporarily lose control of your muscles either just before waking up or right after falling asleep.

It often comes with hallucinations or a sensation of being unable to breathe.

While the exact cause of sleep paralysis remains uncertain, it’s commonly associated with sleep disorders and specific mental health conditions.  

Growing up people used to call it “the devil riding your back.”

Saweetie isn’t the only female rapper who has had run ins with spirits.

You may recall Sexyy Red said she grew up in a haunted house

Have you ever been “attacked” in your sleep by demons?

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