Kenny Burns, Sexyy Red (Instagram)

Kenny Burns, the self-proclaimed Lifestyle Specialist, let the chopper fly on Sexyy Redd while sharing his commentary on her Rolling Loud performance. 

Big shout out to Rolling Loud. This is not against them. They are hiring who people pay to see.

But, at the same time…it was nothing to see.

Sexyy Red looked like an incomplete puzzle. Dead serious.

Everything she raps about means absolutely nothing. 

Kenny Burns had smoke for Sukihana too! 

Sukihana the same way. She comes out…sucking the mic like it’s a d—.

Tongue out…all the things!

And this is where we gotta really call people out because it’s responsibility.

Kenny Burns hopped back on Sexyy Red, who recently welcomed her second child.

Sexyy Red, you just had a baby. You just had a baby. You just had a baby!

I don’t even know what else to say, but you just had a baby.

And you back outside talking about you f— Adin Ross because he paid you!?

The boy said he had sex with Sexyy Red. She came back like, ‘Nah,’ cause he was a virgin.

Allegedly, right? She said she did have sex with him, but he paid me. 

Kenny Burns turned his attention back to Rolling Loud asking, “Why are we hiring these people? Why are we hiring these people?! Something has to give.”

Lastly, Kenny said, “If you have a daughter the right thing is to not support anything like that. Am I tripping or is that common sense?

Watch the clip below. 

Do you agree with Kenny Burns’ POV?

I’ve made it a point to keep my thoughts on Sexxy Red to myself to avoid blocking my blessings. 

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