Saweetie shared how meditation inspired her to get a buzz cut, during a recent interview at Power 106 Los Angeles.

The Hip Hop star shared:

I found so much clarity within myself I wanted to start over.

And, I did research about hair and hair holds a lot of energy, and I really wanted to just feel new and fresh.

She went on to explain how meditation has centered her life.

I feel like, before I discovered meditation everything was just yes, yes, yes, I’ll do it!

No matter how bad my body felt, if the opportunity was great I just said yes, and I kept running down my mental, my spiritual, my physical.

But, how am I going to continue to work if I’m depleted?

So, I think that I have established more boundaries around me in a mental space and in the business space as well, and I think everyone should do that.

Watch the video below:

Saweetie got me thinking about looking into meditation.