Saweetie Talks About The Negative Criticism She Receives Online

Saweetie recently addressed the negative criticism she receives online during an interview on Power 106 FM in Los Angeles

The femcee was at the radio station to promote her new EP, The Single Life, which came out on Friday (November 18), and to talk about her artistic growth.

But, when Power 106 FM midday host Bryhana asked her, “what do you feel your fans think about Saweetie when they hear the name because I see you as just, you know, such an inspiration to so many men and women, and I know you get a lot of hate and slack online. So when people hear the name Saweetie what do you think that they think of?”

After a weird glance to the side as if she was seeking approval from her team to answer the question, Saweetie replied:

So when they hear it, being that you said and you recognize that, you know sometimes the hate does come with greatness.

So when people see me, I hope they’re inspired to do whatever they want to do despite the negative criticism.

Because, like… I don’t really talk about it that much, but I do see everything.

And sometimes it does get me low. I be, like, ‘Y’all don’t even know me. Y’all don’t even know what really happened in this situation.’

And I’m not the type to, like, share something that’s intimate with me.

Like, I don’t feel like I got to explain myself.

Like, my daddy didn’t raise me that way.

I’m not going to post no screenshots to defend my side of the story because I just think that’s lame.

But, when people are just running with a perception that’s not true, that does bother me, but the fact that I continue to persevere despite what’s said about my name.

I hope my fans just learn that as long as you believe in yourself you can keep going.

Like, consistency and the effort that you put into you is all that matters.

Watch the clip from the Saweetie interview on Power 106 FM below:

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