Melody Holt made the song cry with the release of her new single, “Tell Tale Signs.”

The “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star showcases her angelic soprano vocals over the Bob Robinson-produced track as she shares her experience and the aftermath of a marriage gone wrong due to infidelity.

“Tell Tale Signs” debuted on March 20 and it’s already charting on iTunes.

Melody recently chatted with Ice Cream Convos about how the single has helped her heal.

It was great being able to express my feelings and how I was feeling at different moments during this transition in my life.

And being able to put that energy into something that allowed me to release in a positive way…I’m just so thankful.

It has definitely been a healing thing for me. 

Melody Holt also gives us the scoop on the process of recording her single, her new journey as a recording artist, and Martell Holt‘s reaction to the song.

Oh, and you’ll never guess who the track was originally made for!

Watch our great convo below:

Stream/Scoop “Tell Tale Signs” below: