Safaree Samuels (1)

Safaree Samuels is counting his blessing after he says he was nearly shot in the head by a stray bullet in Atlanta.

The rapper and “Love & Hip Hop” cast member took to his Instagram Story writing, “I almost got shot in my head by a stray bullet!! I was inches away from where the bullet holes came from!!”

He continued, “This is why I can’t f**king stand Atlanta!!!! THANK GOD OMG!! That’s why I don’t feel sorry for you criminals!!”

In a second post, Safaree held bullet fragments in his hand.

He wrote, “I cannot believe that just happened!!! Whoever that was had a switch on his gun that let off 10 shots in 3 seconds.”

See his original posts below.

Safaree Samuels almost shot in the head (1)

Prior to sharing his harrowing experience, Safaree took to Twitter to pose the following question:

Why do ppl say free somebody when they’re in jail knowing that they committed the crime??

Are you saying free them so they can do it again?  

What if you or your family was the victim would you want them free?  

Pls help me understand the thought process behind this.

See his original tweet below.

Thank God for his protection over Safaree…and all of us.

Please be safe out there.

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