Ryan Henry took to social media and promised to address the scandalous accusations that claim he slept with his best friend’s lady on the low while his friend was battling cancer.

Anthony Lindsey poured his heart out on social media as he shared:

I’ve been debating over a week about sharing this. Everyone says don’t run to social media. We run to social media for our joys but hide our lows. Well I’m at my lowest point I’ve ever been in, in my life. I found out last week via my son’s mother text that her and Ryan my best friend and father to my God son has been f**king each other. Over a year and half. It took so much of a toll I ended up overdosing last week. Do I want to kill myself no, the overwhelming pain and me being distraught led me down a path I had never faced. Being that yesterday was mental health day I decided to share this.

See the screenshot below:

Ryan Henry - Anthony Lindsey

Anthony also shared text messages between Ryan and his baby’s mother, as well as a post Ryan wrote on his birthday.

Ryan Henry has been radio silent about the accusations until Thursday when he promised to his side of the story on Friday.

There is a whole lot to be said, so I will speak on it tomorrow. Living in a social world where your life and brands are judged on what you do, me continuing to live life and not give supporters, good and bad, my side of things has seemed to appear non-remorseful. So I will give y’all the updated understanding.

To all my supporters throughout from beginning to end. I got y’all with Whatchu need to know. Love.

Ryan has yet to address the situation…

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