This morning, on the Ebro In The Morning Show, the crew got into a discussion about black men’s stance on voting in the 2020 election and Ebro said, “Too many black men want to be white men!”

Ebro expounded, “You think your bank account being equal with a white man will get you the same treatment that that white man get so you voting like a white man.”

Watch the video below, Ebro makes his statement at the 4:35 mark:

I believe Ebro developed this hypothesis based off of the recent actions of black celebrities like Ice Cube, Kanye West, Scarface, & Polow Da Don having some type of involvement with Trump.

I don’t think Ebro articulated his point well. I believe he meant wealthy black men tend to vote like wealthy white men to maintain their wealth.

To reduce it to “too many black men want to be white men!” is definitely a stretch.

In my opinion, Ebro’s statement equates white men with wealth and we know all white men are not wealthy.

What do you think of Ebro’s statement?