Russell Westbrook was not here for the BS in his post-game interview after his subpar performance in Game 2 versus the Lakers.

In his 5th game back from a quad injury, Russell had 10 points, 13 rebounds, 2 steals, & 7 turnovers.

To Russell’s credit, he took responsibility for his gameplay and said he makes no excuses for his performance and he has to get better.

During the post-game press conference, Russell is very defensive but he is honest, at one point he dismisses a question because he deems it unworthy of a response.

I found it to be pretty entertaining watching reporters trying to gauge Russell’s mood and tip-toe around the questions they really want to ask.

Watch Russell’s post-game presser below:

Westbrook once averaged a triple-double 3 years in a row, which garnered him a lot of respect and acknowledgement in the NBA.

I believe Westbrook’s injuries have a lot to do with his in-efficiencies over the past few years, but he still remains a fiery competitor.

Sports outlets are dragging Russ today because of his performance last night, and I’m sure he’s going to use the criticism as fuel and comeback strong in Game 3.

Russell’s heart and energy on the court are undeniable, but I believe he got away from the things he does best trying to fit into his coach’s offensive philosophy.

In Game 3, I’m sure Westbrook will drive the lane more and focus on his mid-range game, those are the offensive assets that his team needs him to revive.

Do you think Westbrook will have a big comeback performance in Game 3?