While many of us continue to wait for votes to be counted in the presidential election, Ice Cube took to Twitter to get something off of his chest.

Apparently, he’s still feeling some kind of way about the backlash he’s received for presenting his Contract with Black America to the Trump Administration.

Cube tweeted:

Let me get this straight, I get the president of the United States to agree to put over half a trillion dollars of capital in the Black Community (without an endorsement) and N***as are mad at me????…have a nice life.

Roland Martin clearly had a little time because he quickly responded to Ice Cube to enlighten him on how he got “played” by Donald Trump.

The only problem @icecube is that you didn’t get Trump to put $500 billion of capital in Black communities. It’s a lie. It’s ONE LINE on the cover sheet of his so-called Platinum Plan. No specifics. NOTHING. Bruh, you got played. 

Why do I know you got played @icecube? I’ve talked to numerous Black Republicans who currently work with the administration and THEY said the $500 billion “commitment” is a joke. You’re just wrong, bruh.

I am 100% for Black folks making it clear that we are constituents who must be addressed by who is in power. But @icecube, you REALLY think you got Trump to agree to $500 billion when you said you never talked to him? Bruh, you talked to Jared Kushner. 

Also @icecube, the other reason I know the $500 billion is fraudulent because after Trump announced the plan in front of his Black minions in ATL, he never brought it up again. It was a one-page press release. 

Another reason I know the plan is a fraud @icecube, is because I reached out to the Trump White House AND campaign to have at least ONE person come on #RolandMartinUnfiltered to discuss the Platinum Plan, and no one would. That’s a FACT. 

The other reason you didn’t get a $500 billion commitment @icecube is because the Trump administration made NO effort to do ANY Black media to discuss the plan. Did they try to go on ANY national Black radio shows? NO. Black papers? NO. Black websites? 

Come on @icecube, you at least gotta give Black folks enough credit to know that we know when we are getting played. All Jared and Trump wanted was to be able to say you co-signed the plan. They got exactly what they wanted. What did we get? A one sheet plan of nothing. 

Also @icecube, if Trump was serious about the $500 billion, he would have had Bob Brown front & center with the plan. Who is Bob Brown? He was Nixon’s top adviser and a strong confidant of MLK. Bob is arguably the most important Black presidential adviser EVER 

If you want to know why Bob Brown matters @icecube, please read his book, “You Can’t Go Wrong Doing Right: How A Child Of Poverty Rose to the White House and Helped Change The World.” Bob details how he drove policy to increase purchasing by minority firms 

He also discussed how the Minority Business Development Agency was created; how he made them give Earl Graves the loan for his final $100K to start @blackenterprise; and on and on. 

@icecube, if Trump was serious, where was David Stewart in all of this? 

Who is David Stewart? A Black Republican who leads the top Black-owned company in America, St-Louis based Worldwide Technology. Hey @icecube, if the $500 billion was real, Trump would have had Bob Johnson vouch for it. Did he? 

Look @icecube, I get your intentions. But all of the data – lack of ANY endorsement by top Black REPUBLICAN business leaders and NO outreach to ANY Black media outlets – proves that $500 billion commitment is as trusted as Trump’s wedding vows. They are worthless. 

I doubt Ice Cube read the entire thread, but Roland was not playing in the streets of Twitter…especially when Angela Stanton King inserted her synthetic wig into the convo.

Whew! Your thoughts?