Friends and fans are taking to the streets of social media to mourn the death of rapper Brax, who passed away at 21.

Brax, real name Braxton Baker, was a multi-talented artist hailing from Richmond, Viriginia, who rose to fame with the 2017 release of her project, VERSE(atility).

Brax - Verse(atility)

In an interview, Brax said:

My role is to create art straight from my heart. For I know that art will be pure, poetic, powerful, and healing. All I want to do is help the world heal. That’s when things will begin to shift.

Photographer Scott Osbourne took to social media writing:

Wow…. I can’t even believe in typing this… You were such an amazing light, Man the work you created, and the work we created together will live on forever! I still remember you coming to LA to from atl to glam and have photoshoot, your art will always live on. Until we meet again, RIP Brax ❤️ love you always

See his original post below:

Brax is currently trending on Twitter as people react to the news of her passing and pay tribute to the amazing young woman she was.

Brax’s cause of death has not been released.

My sincerest condolences to all who knew, loved, and were impacted by her gifts and talents.

Rest in paradise.