Rockmond Dunbar Files $1.3M Lawsuit Against Disney For Discrimination Over Vaccine Mandate
Rockmond Dunbar (Courtesy of Fox/Getty)

Actor Rockmond Dunbar is celebrating his 50th birthday today (January 11).

To celebrate, Rockmond took to his Instagram page and dropped off a very handsome photo along with a message that is as powerful as vibranium.

The Capricorn wrote, “50 yrs old today. 30+ yrs. in this business. Never sold my SOUL or a**hole.”

He continued, “Real Godbody Original Black Man energy. Shout out to the few out there still intact in Mind, Temple & Spirit. This path ain’t for the weak. It’s for the Chosen. Praise to the Most High.”

See Rockmond Dunbar’s original post below.

As young people would say…”No cap.”

Rockmond Dunbar has stood ten toes down when it comes to his life and his career and unfortunately, it resulted in him leaving the Fox hit series, “911,” over their COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

His character, Michael Grant, was written off of the show after 20th Television denied his request for religious and medical accommodations.

In February 2022, Rockmond Dunbar filed a lawsuit against 20th Television and Disney in U.S. District Court claiming the studio engaged in discrimination.

The suit also alleged that they mocked his religious beliefs, barred him from the set, and hampered his ability to get other work by painting him out to be an anti-vaxxer.

In November 2022, Deadline reported the following update on the lawsuit:

A federal judge ruled that Dunbar’s dismissal from the drama series for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine can’t claim disparate impact because no other members of his Universal Wisdom church have been affected by the reason for his job loss.

He had claimed a religious exemption, saying the firms discriminated against church members. 

Disney and 20th still face 10 other claims that include racial and religious discrimination, breach of contract, and retaliation.

It’s unclear where the lawsuit stands today.

But, for Rockmond it’s always family first.

He’s a proud father to four beautiful children and Rockmond Dunbar’s wife is the gorgeous and talented actress, Maya Dunbar.

Happiest Birthday, King!

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