Actress Taylour Paige married fashion designer Rivington Starchild

Issa Birthday Bride! Actress Taylour Paige married fashion designer Rivington Starchild on her 32nd birthday!

The ceremony went down on Wednesday, October 5 in Hollywood.

The bride’s “Hit The Floor” co-star Logan Browning attended the ceremony and shared a few photos on social media.

Taylour looked absolutely beautiful in her white gown and she rocked cornrows on her wedding day. 

See the photos from Taylour Paige’s wedding below.

The nuptials come just two weeks after Taylour revealed she and Rivington were engaged.

On September 19, the Zola actress took to social media and shared a photo of her engagement ring

The caption read, “Out of nowhere!! You appeared and showed me that the way that I love, was always the way because it’s your way too.”

The groom shared a video of himself and his new bride riding in the car to Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married” remix. 

Taylour Paige is a whole vibe as she dances to the song and sings along.

But, she jokingly changed the lyric from “us finishing something we started so long ago” to “three months ago.” 

Congratulations to the newlyweds and I’ll be sure to update this post with more pics, video, and scoop when it becomes available!