Rick Ross 30K donation Fayette CARE Clinic

A Fayette County clinic in need of funding will not have to close its doors thanks to a hefty donation from Rick Ross

On Monday, Rozay, whose real name is William Roberts II, pulled up to the Fayette C.A.R.E. Clinic with a $30,179 check to cover the funds needed to keep the facility open. 

The C.A.R.E. Clinic provides uninsured and underserved areas by allowing patients to see a doctor, receive preventative care, and get needed medications. 

“The patients that come to this clinic, all of them, their income level is 200% below the poverty level. The national poverty level,” Executive Director Geneva Weaver said.

Rick Ross, who is Fayette County resident, shared why he stepped in to help saying: 

A clinic like this means a lot to me.

I lost my father at an early age and I felt like one of the reasons I lost him so early is because of his lack of healthcare.

I look forward to continue to help out as much as possible. I consider you family, friends, and of course neighbors.

While most of the clinic’s funding comes from fundraising, grants, and donations, Weaver said Rick Ross’ donation is the largest individual donation the clinic has ever received.

Watch the news report below. 

Rozay is still the biggest bawse that we’ve seen thus far. 

I need the residence to keep that same gratitude when Rick Ross gets ready to have his 2024 Car Show.

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Source: WSBTV

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