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Richard Jefferson tweeted last night that Giannis Antetokounmpo might be a Scottie Pippen who needs his Jordan, and Scottie Pippen swiftly responded.

See tweet below:

Apparently, Richard Jefferson has been feeling this way for a while and decided to share it with the world last night.

The words “there I said it!” implies that Richard felt like he had to get this thought of his chest.

Pippeen quickly responded denying that Giannis is like him, and questioning Richard Jefferson about his skill set as a player.

Basically, Pippen was telling RJ to keep his name out of his mouth.

I’m sure RJ was reacting to the BUCKS loss to the HEAT last night, which put the BUCKS down 2-0 in the second-round series of the NBA Bubble Playoffs.

RJ’s tweet implies that Giannis cannot lead a team, and he’s more of a Robin who needs Batman to save the day.

Basketball fans know that Pippen was Robin and Jordan was Batman, but I guess RJ caught Pippen on the wrong night.

Do you think Giannis has the skill set to lead a team to a NBA Championship?

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