Marcus Jordan Explains Why His Dad Michael Jordan Said He Doesn’t Approve Of Him Dating Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan recently explained why his dad Michael Jordan said he doesn’t approve of him dating Larsa Pippen on their podcast “Separation Anxiety.”

On July 3, “TMZ” posted a story on their site with the headline “MICHAEL JORDAN HELL NO I DON’T APPROVE OF SON DATING LARSA PIPPEN” along with video footage of Michael Jordan leaving dinner at Matignon in Paris and being asked by photographers if he approves of his son’s relationship with Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen.

Michael Jordan laughs the question off at first, but when asked again, he responds, “No!” before getting in a car with his wife.

Marcus Jordan said on the podcast that his dad called him and apologized and told him that he never said, “hell no!”

Marcus said he thought the comment was funny because he knows his dad, and he didn’t feel like he was being serious. He said it’s in the Jordans’ DNA to talk sh*t, and he felt his dad may have had a little too much to drink and was having some fun.

…I’m dying laughing when I read the headline. It was hilarious to me just because I know my dad, right?…

And I know, obviously, my whole family we’re all competitive, we’re Jordans. You know, part of our DNA is to talk sh*t, you know?…

It gets us going, it gets us motivated, and so when I saw it, immediately I thought, like, he’s playing he’s being… joking, he’s laughing, he’s, you know, just being playful.

He’s, you know, a little lit maybe of the Cincora walking out of Matignon and so, you know, I didn’t put much weight into it, but I know that it made you a little nervous.

And so when he texted and called and obviously wanted to make sure we didn’t take things the wrong way, I think it helped you feel a little more at ease.

And obviously, he thought of the timing. His goal has always been to, you know, stay clear of our relationship. I think, look at the root of it all, obviously, is my dad’s relationship with your ex Scottie.

And so, you know, obviously, we never talk about that and I don’t think that my dad wanted to comment on that.

There’s always that narrative that rumor that I’m dating you in some sort of way to get back at whatever was said. And so I think, you know, if my dad comes out and says, ‘yes’, he’s fueling that narrative of, okay, whatever…

Um, but I think he said, ‘no’, just in a joking way knowing that, you know, how Jordans play around. And so I thought it was funny from the jump, but, obviously, we had to talk about it and kind of iron some things through.

…And so, I guess how we found out about it. We were in bed and, obviously, my dad called and texted and then “TMZ” dropped the story.

Larsa said she didn’t think it was funny at all.

In fact, she said she was embarrassed because she had previously done interviews saying that both of their parents were fine with their relationship and that they just wanted them to be happy.

Now, people were going to think she was lying.

Listen to the audio of Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen from the “Separation Anxiety” podcast below:

Marcus and Larsa recently talked about their podcast and their parents being cool with their relationship in a recent “ET” interview.

Marcus said that Larsa spent last Thanksgiving together with his parents.

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Source: TMZ

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