Rich Paul and Adele were spotting sitting court-side at game 5 of the NBA Finals prompting reports that the two are dating.

In case you need to be brought up to speed… Rich is LeBron James‘ agent and Adele…is an English vocal-slaying, multi-Grammy Award-winning recording artist.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst added more logs to the dating rumors fire on his podcast when he stated the two were dating.

Rich Paul brings his girlfriend to the game to sit next to LeBron. His girlfriend is Adele.

Rich Paul is at the game with Adele.

This is the first time that they’ve come out in public together. So this will be all over the tabloids, especially in England tomorrow.

Listen to the audio below.

I’m sure it will be all over the tabloids especially after England showed their racist behinds towards the soccer players. But, I digress.

Rich Paul is currently trending on Twitter as people react to the dating reports.

Peep a few tweets below.

What are your thoughts on a Rich Paul and Adele romance?

UPDATE: It looks like Adele and Rich Paul have gone Instagram official!

The singer shared a photo of herself and the successful sports agent at Anthony Davis’ wedding on Saturday (September 18).

Peep the photos below.

Sis is beautiful and she and Rich look GOODT together!