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Joyner Lucas has taken to social media to air out Karen Civil for allegedly stealing $60,000 from him when he was an aspiring artist.

The rapper claims he hired Karen as a consultant to help launch his rap career. But, he says once he made the $60,000 payment, she allegedly went Casper and ghosted him.

Joyner says he never said anything about what transpired out of fear of being blackballed.

Once Joyner Lucas did have the courage to speak out, he claims Karen Civil provided a draft of a public apology she wanted him to post before she would reconsider working with him again.

My son was on the way and you stole 60k from me before I got in the game @KarenCivil . I hired you as a consultant and below attached was the memo you sent me. I was desperate for help and you knew that. After you was paid you went ghost and didn’t expect me to pop.???? here I am

After you got the money paid up front, you stopped answering my calls & every time I hit you, you answered the phone with a attitude like I was messing up your day. I sent you hella messages pleading with you to do your job becuz my back was against the wall. You took advantage

At this time I was afraid to speak up for myself becuz I didn’t want to get blackballed. I had no idea how this industry Shìt works and I ain’t want you to drag my name thru the mud so out of fear i stayed ????. Until @Mr_Camron spoke up a few years ago on Twitter and then I did

After I spoke up, you had your peoples hit me directly and you tried to threaten me and then tried to make me write this fake ass apology and make myself look crazy to the public eye. See below attached at @KarenCivil’s text back in 2018 to my business partner. Smh

Smh I was broke and down on my last leg bruh. That 60k was literally my last effort to help me get on and you stole that from me when my son was born. The media protects you but wrong is wrong. At this time I had like 5k followers. What you thought I wasn’t gon pop @KarenCivil?

I’ll never forget the day you went on vacation with my money and then picked up the phone when I called you because you went ghost, and you flat out told me “stop calling me I’m on vacation”..????

Peep Joyner’s tweets below with his receipts included.

Karen Civil released the following exclusive statement to The Shade Room regarding Joyner Lucas’ claims:

It’s easy to make broad statement when you aren’t familiar with the backend of the business.

Subcontractors were paid including Ravenel Agency, PR, local Reps. All parties contracted out on your behalf to execute were paid from the budge allotted. 

His manager called me to rectify the situation after Joyner made his first claims in which I said we can happily discuss after a public apology was made since he used the same platform to lie about money taken from him. I recorded the call just for future circumstances like this. 

Unfortunately he’s now utilizing this moment to amplify and create social momentum around himself again. 

He and I both had separate conversations with Charlamagne this morning where he passed on his phone number so we can have a discussion directly, but instead he took to social. 

Nothing was stolen or taken from you. Unfortunately, certain artist are under the impression they have 24/7 access to you. 

All work done on his behalf were filled for full transparency. 

Subcontractor invoices were made & sent to MGMT Sean MacDonald of Dead Silence CEO. 

Which we also kept records for.

Joyner responded to the statement with the following tweet.

Karen Civil is currently trending on Twitter as people react to the latest tomfoolery involving her name.

Peep the tweets below.

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