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Dawn Montgomery, co-host of Revolt TV’s “Monuments To Me” podcast announced her departure in the wake of Cassie’s explosive lawsuit against Diddy.

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In a series of tweets written on Monday, Dawn shared that she wouldn’t be returning for the third season of the show.

I am a SA survivor & I cannot be a part of a show that’s supposed to uplift black women while @Diddy leads the company. Believe Black women,” she wrote.

Dawn Montgomery continued her statement by writing: 

I am grateful for how I was able to contribute to this show & work w/my cohost Akilah! This was a wonderful opportunity brought to me by our producer Darius who saw that I needed to share more of my story & connect w/the show’s audience. This isn’t a hard decision and I’m ok.

One thing I’ve done throughout my professional career(s) is be mindful of my work ethic and where I place my energy & time. I also feel like Revolt’s leadership not speaking on this says a lot and even though this podcast experience blessed me… I’m done.

See Dawn’s original tweets below. 

When someone questioned Dawn’s presumption of Diddy’s guilt, she responded: 

I knew somebody was gonna do this and I said what I said. BELIEVE BLACK WOMEN. I am someone who’s been sexually assaulted and when the news broke it triggered me. Also the leadership of REVOLT didn’t say anything during all of this so I’m done.

See the exchange below. 

When another person questioned why Dawn would “stop her money and Cassie got hers,” she responded:

Awwwww! You really think I’m missing out on money?! You clearly haven’t been following me for long 🤣

Cassie and Diddy settled the lawsuit a day after it was filed for an undisclosed amount. 

The case has been officially dismissed.

Kudos to Dawn Montgomery for standing up for what she believes in and being willing to walk away from a job because of it.

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