Joi got real spicy with Demetrius on the most recent Episode 6 of OWN’sReady To Love” during a put “on notice” conversation.

Demetrius was picked to deliver the news to Joi that the men on the show feel that she’s not open to exploring any other romantic connections because she is locked in on Clifton.

Once Joi quickly analyzed the context clues in the conversation and realized she may get eliminated, she flipped the script on Demetrius and questioned if he’s on the show to really find love.

Do you actually like anyone here?

Like, do you genuinely, like, feel someone here?…

I don’t know if you’re here for love.

Joi went on to say that she believes Demetrius is on the show to start some sh*t.

That comment struck a nerve with Demetrius and he became defensive.

He looked like he wanted to eliminate Joi on the spot, but he hesitated and told her that she’s not eliminated but she is put “on notice.”

You know, the guys, we talked… we feel, um, that you are not, um… Ready to end the journey just yet.

But, you’re kind of like on notice.

Joi then put her guard down and admitted that she came in “hot”.

Watch the video clip below:

It’s going to be interesting to see if Joi or Demetrius find love in this season of “Ready To Love.”