Raven-Symoné sat down with GMA and discussed her weight struggles throughout her career, and she expounded on a weight-loss regiment that has her dropping pounds quickly.

Raven revealed that she has discovered a formula for herself that consist of low carbs, minimal exercise, and avid fasting, that contributed to her losing 30 pounds in three months.

She said her weight loss regiment now is about the long term because every time she loss weight in the past it was about size.

Raven started in show business at the tender age of three on the “The Cosby Show“, and she admitted that as she got older and became more successful she suffered from stress and emotional eating.

In 2011, she dropped 70 pounds, but she said she couldn’t celebrate it because she was emotionally damaged by the way people were treating her before she lost the weight, and she found herself cursing them out in her head.

During the interview, Raven was 3 days into an extended fast. She said her goal is to make sure her body is healthy and prepared to deal with old age.

Raven is supported on her weight loss journey, which she refers to as “pounds down,” by her wife Miranda Pearman-Maday, who she married last summer.

They have a new YouTube channel called 8 PM where they allow fans to join in on Raven’s weight loss journey.

Watch the GMA interview below:

Raven has always been one of my favorite child actresses because from a young age she came across so natural on camera. And, she is still an amazing actress as an adult.

Raven-Symoné looks great, and we wish her the best on her weight loss journey and in her marriage.