Jaleel White revealed on an episode of TV One’s “Uncensored” that he was beaten out by Keshia Knight Pulliam for the role of Rudy on the “Cosby Show.”

He said originally the network wanted the Cosby family to have two sons, but Bill Cosby wanted the show to be a true reflection of his real family so he fought to have the second son role to be turned into a second daughter role.

Who knew?

Jaleel White said Mr. Cosby got his way and Keisha Knight Pulliam was cast over him for the role.

He said he balled his eyes out after he found out he didn’t get the role, and his mom told him if he ever reacted like that from losing a role she would take him out of the business.

Jaleel said not getting the role turned out to be a huge blessing in his life, not to disrespect the other actors on the show, but it just wasn’t meant for him.

Watch the video clip below:

After growing up on “The Cosby Show” I couldn’t imagine Rudy being a boy.

What was your favorite episode of “The Cosby Show?”