Freddie Gibbs was recently on the “Geto Boys Reloaded” podcast and he gave Scarface his flowers and made sure he could smell them.

Freddie told the Geto Boys that they were the first tape that he ever had in his life and they truly shaped his rap career.

He said he tells Scarface this all the time, but Scarface just brushes it off because they are like family now.

Freddie took a deep dive and let Scarface and Willie D know that he was in the 3rd grade when he was introduced to their music and how much he was fascinated by seeing Bushwick Bill on the cover in the hospital bed being pushed by Scarface and Willie D.

He said him being introduced to gangsta rap through their music set the standard for his rap career.

Scarface instantly pushed back telling Freddie that he’s talking like he doesn’t know him, but they hang out a lot and they are like family.

Freddie responded, “I am your family, you’re like a big brother, father figure to me. That’s what I’m saying bruh, you don’t know how much you raised me from the headphones.”

Willie D jokingly interjected telling Freddie if Scarface don’t want to accept his words of admiration then “f**k it!”

After Freddie Gibbs continued to tell Scarface how much he truly inspires him, Scarface finally gave in and told Freddie that he loves him too.

Watch the video below:

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