Rapper Flo Milli did a Beats by Dre ad in front of a confederate statue that has her fans on social media perplexed.

View the ad below:

I’m not sure who was in the marketing meeting when this idea was pitched, but someone with some logical rationale should’ve spoken up.

I guess Flo Milli analyzing the statue, reducing it to laughter, and metaphorically dancing away 400 years of oppression, while wearing beats by Dre headphones, is the way to “Flex That Clapback”.

Flo Milli fans on social media were perplexed as to why she would agree to do the ad, some felt it was for the money, and others felt like she was set up.

Scoop Flo Milli’s fans reactions below:

What do you think of the Flo Milli Beats by Dre ad?