Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx took to social media on Wednesday to address those who aren’t convinced he’s the one making all of these random appearances.

The Oscar-winning actor, whose real name is Eric Bishop, popped out like Batman over the weekend after months of rumors, gossip, and speculation regarding his health.

In the last few days, Jamie was seen on a boat, having fun at Top Golf, he returned a woman’s lost purse, and he was pictured playing Pickleball with friends.

While many fans are happy and relieved to see him doing well…others need more convincing it’s actually him.

One ICC Friend commented, “Nah ima need him to sang the wedding song from the last episode of the ‘Jamie Foxx Show’ before I believe it’s him 👀🤣

Jamie took to his Instagram page to address the speculation while promoting his forthcoming Netflix film, They Cloned Tyrone, which premieres next week.

He wrote, “They didn’t clone me but THEY CLONED TYRONE. See you July 21, only on @netflix  #TheyClonedTyrone

See his original post below.

Jamie Foxx’s road to recovery is looking good as he continues his physical therapy at a rehabilitation facility in Chicago.

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