‘Put A Ring On It’ Returns To OWN This June – Meet The Couples!

Put A Ring On It” is returning to OWN this June with three new couples, 10 new episodes, and more relationship drama.

The unscripted relationship series, from Will Packer Productions, follows three couples as they navigate their way to the alter.

Master relationship coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach will return to counsel the couples through their relationship challenges as they work to get it together or forget it forever. 

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Meet the couples below.

Put A Ring On It - Alexia & Darion

Alexia & Darion (Dating: 14 Years)

This couple is on until they are off again. After a decade of dating, the two have finally moved in together. Darion does not seem excited to walk down the aisle and Alexia is putting on the pressure.

Put A Ring On It - LaRhonda & Jay

LaRhonda & Jay (Dating: 3 Years)

LaRhonda is a super successful woman who is constantly leveling up and Jay is a successful comedian. LaRhonda is the top earner in the relationship which makes Jay want to hit the breaks on marriage. Before proposing and walking down the aisle, Jay wants to make sure he can meet LaRhonda halfway, financially. 

Put A Ring On It - Jessica & Eric

Jessica & Eric (Dating: 4 Years)

Eric is adjusting to life post-NFL and Jessica is adjusting to Eric being fully committed. This couple has been battling issues from Day One. The two are not on the same page about when the couple was official.

Put A Ring On It” premieres on Friday, June 25 at 9 p.m. EST. 

Will you be tuned in?

Photos Courtesy of OWN

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