‘Put A Ring On It’: Is There A Future For Michael & Ché? (First Look)

Put A Ring On It” is one of my most favorite shows to watch on OWN. 

However, Che and Michael’s relationship elevates my blood pressure on a weekly basis. 

Michael is dragging his feet when it comes to walking down the aisle and Ché wants to be married, but doesn’t particularly care to have Michael’s son, Zion, as part of their union. 

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, the couple sits down to discuss what a future together looks like. 

But, do they have the same outlook? 

Watch below: 

Meanwhile…back at the ranch, it appears Hollywood and Ashley may be reaching their breaking point. 

Hollywood is ready to put a ring on it, but he’s growing increasingly frustrated as Ashley continues to enjoy her dates. 

Be sure to watch “Put a Ring On It” at 10 p.m. Fridays on OWN.

Source: OWN


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