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Mystikal has dodged a hollow point bullet! 

A grand jury has dismissed the 2016 rape charges against the rapper due to a lack of sufficient evidence in the case. 

Mystikal’s attorney, Joel Peace, said the charges were dismissed because “new scientific evidence emerged causing the Grand Jury to take a second look at the rape allegations made against him.”

While the dismissal is great, it’s still unfortunate that Mystikal, real name Michael Lawrence Tyler, was arrested in August 2017 and charged with first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping stemming from the 2016 incident.

He spent 18-months behind bars until a new record deal afforded him the $3 million bond he had to post in February to be released. 

It’s important that I note he has always maintained his innocence.

Once released, the rapper got right back on his grind – performing his music. 

I wonder if he will take legal action against his accuser.

Source: TMZ

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