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Pusha T Shows Off Beautiful Nina Chanel Paintings In His Home

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Pusha T recently posted on his Instagram account a picture of the inside of his home with the walls adorned with 5 beautiful Nina Chanel paintings.

Pusha T captioned the post “Finally Home… Thanx @ninachanel.”


Nina Chanel Abney is an African American contemporary artist and painter, from Illinois but based in New York who explores race, gender, pop culture, homophobia, and politics in her work.

She uses symbols and bright colors in her work to draw the viewer in and have them draw their own conclusion on serious thought-provoking art pieces.

Nina Chanel once said her work is “easy to swallow, hard to digest.”

She paints what she feels in the moment, and she adds humor to the seriousness of her paintings by using vibrant colors and drawing “cartoonish” characters.

Her work has been praised in America and abroad appearing in famous art museums and galleries, and in 2018 she had an exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France.

See more of Nina Chanel’s paintings on her Instagram page @ninachanel.

Are you a fan of Nina Chanel’s art?

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