Rico Love put his artist promotion skills on full display while promoting his new artist Wifey Baby on Instagram.

He gave a very intriguing story about how Wifey Baby got her name, and how she poured her heart into her music after experiencing heartbreak.

Read the story below:

When I met her she was engaged and excited about spending the rest of her life with someone she loved wholeheartedly. She was glowing, literally! Everything about her was LOVE. All she talked about was how she wanted to be the perfect wife.

She stayed down with this guy while he did a long prison bid, and when he came home she gave him every cent of the money he left her with before he went in. Real stand up s**t! 2 days before the wedding she got a series of text messages revealing some information that broke her heart regarding the man she was intended to marry. He had been sleeping with several women she knew, including a close friend. (This is all info that is out in the open so I’m NOT snitching FYI) .

What she did next shocked the hell out of me! She showed up to the studio, wearing the dress she was supposed to wear down the aisle and she wrote songs all night! She poured her heart out and was so brutally honest, even about details most people would be embarrassed to admit! We just shot the video to one of those songs and it’s called “UnHoly Matrimony”! And she wore that very same dress!

Her name is @wifeybaby__ ! Because she’s still a WIFE! She’s married to the music. She’s married to her goals . And she’s married to this paper! Straight out of the East Side of Atlanta ! Decatur to be exact! I’m proud of you @wifeybaby__ ! I believe in you. And I admire you! (No bro codes were broken during the making of this post) #TTLO

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Rico Love is also a successful singer and songwriter, and he knows what it takes to succeed in the music industry.

I must admit he has me interested in Wifey Baby’s upcoming video, “Unholy Matrimony.”

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