Porsha Williams Says She Quit RHOA Because She Planned To Semi-Retire At 40, Not Because Of Simon (Video)

Porsha Williams recently said that her getting with Simon Guobadia had nothing to do with her decision to leave “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

In an interview with “Entertainment Tonight’s” Nischelle Turner, Porsha revealed that she made a decision to semi-retire at 40 before she even met Simon.

She said that she knows the timing may seem suspicious and she understand how people may think she quit because of him, but according to her it’s not true.

In actuality, I had started  preparing to semi-retire at 40, about two to three years ago.

I have a great finance team, I have a great manager, and once I had my daughter I knew I wanted to spend more time with her.

And so I had start preparing that… It just so happened, I don’t know, just… divine purpose that at 40 this all happened.

So at 40, around that reunion I realized, I said, ‘You know what?… This is the moment to take this break.’

So I had made that decision right after reunion, had let everybody know around that time.

Of course nobody wanted to hear it, but I had already made that decision prior to even getting with Simon.

But of course, when you have… when break the internet like this, everybody’s gonna want to know what the other girls have to say and what that’s going to look like.

So of course I get that everybody would think that that goes together, but it’s actually not.

Watch the video below:

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