Simon Guobadia wasted no time responding to Falynn Guobadias forthcoming tell-all interview and he wants all the smoke!

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Porsha Williams‘ fiancé began by sharing the clip of the forthcoming interview and calling Faylnn, “The Face of Cheating Wife.”

Simon went on to claim he filed for divorce because Falynn was allegedly cheating with a man by the name of Jaylan Banks and she’s allegedly pregnant by him.

The Face of Cheating Wife…Let’s start with why I filed for divorce.

Let’s start with who she cheated with and currently pregnant for and living in a home I paid for – post divorce. His Instagram handle is itsjaylanbanks and this is how your generosity gets twisted. Let’s get started there.

See his original post below.

Jaylan is an entrepreneur who resides in Atlanta.

He is pictured below with Falynn and Simon Guobadia in a photo that was posted on social media last year.

J Boog also traveled with the couple, who took him to the Dominican Republic, and thanked them for showing him life outside of the clubs. (He edited their names out of the post once the drama kicked off.)

The comments on Jaylan’s Instagram page are currently in shambles!

Falynn seemingly responded to Simon’s smoke by posting the signs of a person with narcissistic personality disorder.

This is getting messier by the second.

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