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Porsha Williams files for divorce Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams Files For Divorce From Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia via Instagram

Grab your 2024 Bingo Cards! Porsha Williams filed for divorce from Simon Guobadia on Thursday (Feb 22) after 15 months of marriage. 

The news comes on the heels of online rumors regarding Simon’s citizenship being denied. 

However, sources close to Porsha Williams told People that the divorce is “unrelated to recent allegations involving Simon’s past.”

The cause of Porsha and Simon’s split is an “ongoing matter,” the insider added. 

Simon Guobadia Denied U.S. Citizenship

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia via Instagram

Simon Guobadia’s efforts to obtain U.S. citizenship have reportedly failed due to his troubled past. 

According to reports, Guobadia’s alleged criminal activities date back to 1982 when he initially arrived in the country.

He left voluntarily in 1985 following encounters with law enforcement related to credit card fraud.

Court records indicate that the first denial occurred in July 2022.

Subsequently, a hearing was sought in October 2022, where the denial was upheld, revealing that he had been instructed to leave the US and not return.

However, he reportedly reentered the country with a new work visa.

Following a filing in March 2023, Guobadia purportedly petitioned the government to overturn the denial.

The court documents detail various offenses, including credit card fraud, unauthorized vehicle use, and additional instances of fraud.

On Thursday, the day of Porsha’s divorce filing, Simon took to social media writing:

In the last 17 years, grateful for the opportunity to be able to grow our businesses which in turn keep employing and feeding more American families, and fueling the American economy.

That’s the REAL American Dream….when you bless others with opportunities.🙏🏾

See Simon Guobadia’s original post below.

Porsha Announces Her Return To ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

Porsha Williams Guobadia via Instagram

As you can imagine the news of Porsha’s divorce filing has left fans stunned especially after she excitedly announced her return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” saying, “Porsha Guobadia is in the building.” 

In a statement, Porsha said that she looked forward to giving fans an inside look into her new world.

I’m incredibly thankful for the vision and faith NBCUniversal has put in me to be a larger part of their family.

I’m looking forward to being back on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ and showing the world my new world!

Porsha Williams Guobadia originally joined the hit Bravo reality TV series in Season 5 as the wife of former NFL star Kordell Stewart

They divorced in 2013 and Porsha remained on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and left following Season 13. 

She was expected to return with her new husband, Simon Guobadia, who we briefly saw during Season 13 with his then-wife, Falynn Guoabadia.

Social Media Reacts To Porsha Williams’ Divorce Filing

“Porsha” is currently trending in the streets of Twitter as folks took to their timelines to react to the news of her divorce filing.

Read a few tweets below.

Porsha Williams nor Simon Guobadia have publicly commented on the divorce filing. 

This is a developing story so be sure to check back for updates! 

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