Simon Guobadia is offering up to $75,000 in reward money to anyone who can produce receipts proving he’s a cheater.

On the heels of announcing his shocking engagement to Porsha Williams, a woman named Jessica Harris took to the streets of social media to let everyone know she was kicking with Simon recently.

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Simon Guobadia shared a photo of the woman in his car and highlighted the date on the photo (March 31).

The caption read:

Let’s have some fun. If anyone can show credible receipts that I cheated on my ex-wife between 6/14/2019 (date of marriage) and 1/15/2021 (date of initial divorce filing), I have $50,000 waiting for you.

In the meantime, we have timeline issues with someone claiming to have dated me at the same time as my fiancé Porsha. I have an extra $25,000 for any receipt showing that this actually happened. Let’s get to some facts.

See the original post below.

Of course, he turned off the comments on the post.

You don’t have to graduate from ICDC College to know this engagement isn’t going to end well for Porsha Williams and Simon.

Your thoughts?