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Plies Gets Clowned For Buying His Shoes From Kids Foot Locker

Plies Gets Clowned For Buying His Shoes From Kids Foot Locker

Plies recently posted a video calling out Foot Locker for selling white Nike Air Force 1 Mids with dingy laces, but he pulled the shoes out of a Kids Foot Locker bag.

He said he bought three pairs of AF1 Mids in two days and all of them had dingy laces.

Plies captioned his post in the format of a letter to Nike inquiring about the discolored laces:

Dear @Footlocker Who Pissing On The Laces????? It Ain’t No Way @Nike Know Bout These Yellow Azz Laces & If @Nike Do Know They Full Of Sh*t 2!!! Anyone Else Laces Been F*cked Up??? #TheyGaveMeThatBullshitAzzBag#Plies #Pearly#Loading #BesideYourself

In the comments, some people said they had similar experiences, but the narrative quickly shifted to the Kids Foot Locker bag that he took his shoes out of, and people got their jokes off.

See plies original post below:

Scoop some comments below:

Plies Kids Footlocker, comment 1.
Plies Kids Footlocker, comment 2.
Plies Kids Footlocker, comment 3.

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