Bust Down - Peacock - Jak Knight, Langston Kerman, Sam Jay, Chris Redd,

Bust Down,” the new must-see comedy series, is now streaming on Peacock!

The series stars Jak Knight, Langston Kerman, Sam Jay, and Chris Redd as four casino employees living dead-end lives with dead-end jobs in middle America, and the massive mess they manage to make out of it.

Sam is the de facto alpha of the crew, even when she’s talking to burgers on the grill or being courted by an African prince. She’s disgruntled, dissatisfied, and selfish, but might be a softie if you look hard enough. Sam takes the player stereotype and turns it on its head.

Langston is the brain of the group and acts morally superior in a place without morals. Though he was the high school valedictorian, he failed out of college and found himself scrubbing bird blood off the walls of the casino. He often creates the chaos he claims to be fighting against.

Jak is the youngest member of the crew and a self-described psychopath. While Chris is the life of the party, Jak is the guy on the roof of that party holding court for a group of invisible goblins. Though he’s Chris’ cousin, he acts primarily as the crew’s unpredictable kid brother.

Chris, who is my personal fave, is a lovable egomaniac who sees himself as a local celebrity despite being a mediocre casino valet. The only thing he’s actually smoother than is sandpaper. His endless confidence, despite its stupidity, somehow seems to work.

Bust Down - Sam Jay - Freddie Gibbs

Rapper Freddie Gibbs also stars in a recurring role and he’s the gift that keeps on giving throughout the series.

In a joint statement the stars shared the inspiration for the series:

’Bust Down’ is rooted in our friendship. Every character is a hyperbolic version of how we see each other, and every story is inspired by the bad choices we each naturally make out in the world.

There aren’t a lot of straight comedies right now where people truly go for jokes that are raunchy, irreverent, and complicated, and at its core that’s what ‘Bust Down’ is all about.

We believe true equality is being able to make a show about nonsense the same way white people have been doing forever.

We just wanted to make something so f**king hilarious that it makes people laugh so much that they miss jokes and then have to circle back to watch again.

As someone who was given the opportunity to screen the entire series before it was released, I can say with full confidence that they understood the assignment.

I literally gasped, laughed out loud, and circled back to several scenes just to watch the foolishness again.

Check out a few clips of the show’s outrageous shenanigans below.

Langston Kerman recently took to social media and shared:

Five years ago my friends and I started trying to make a show where we got to cuss and do wild sh*t.

We wrote a lot of terrible scripts, we had a lot of networks tell us no, and we all aged terribly in the process.

But tomorrow Bust Down finally comes out on Peacock and I couldn’t be prouder of these dumb dumbs for sticking with it.

Can’t wait for y’all to see the mess we made.

Watch the trailer below.

I will be on time for this!

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