Pamela Long, formerly of Total, took to the streets of social media to admit she lied about her ex-husband, Jaime Long aka J. Long, forcing himself on her.

J. Long is currently married to Cyntoia Brown-Long and you may recall Pamela was very vocal about blasting her ex as an alleged no-good, clout-chasing, predator.

Pamela looked like she was a hostage filming a ransom video as she confessed she lied about the very strong accusations she made about her ex.

I was telling the world that my ex-husband forced himself on me sexually and that was a lie.

Jaime, I’m sorry for what it is that I have said about you.

I’m sorry for the shame that I have brought to your name, to your family, to you, your wife, your mom, you sister and those who love you.

Watch the full video below:

Whew chile…a lie don’t care who tell it.

I’m happy she finally told the truth and apologized for making such horrible accusations.

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